Dondoh - The Fire Ceremony, at the Japanese Garden

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On Sunday, August 23, 2015, the Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires (Av. Figueroa Alcorta and Casares, Palermo) presents the festival "Dondoh Matsuri - The Fire Ceremony", from 11 am to 6 pm.

This is an ancient tradition celebrated before the times of the Samurais at the Dondoh Yaki. In this ceremony, the God of Fire is invoked so the God of Earth wakes up from his winter sleep. The God of Fire warms up the Earth so the seeds germinate, and also protects the harvests.

The public will receive small wooden boards that will be hung on the iron tree and burnt, so the flames raise their prayers and all their wishes come true. These are the steps to follow to complete the wooden boards:
1) Reflect on the past year.
2) Think on the facts or things that made you uncomfortable.
3) Write them on the board
4) Hang the board on the metallic tree.
5) During the bonfire, repeat mentally your desire that those disturbing things won't happen again and that they become energy that the soil needs for the crops to grow strong.
The main goal is to become free of the bad omen, and desire that the bad energy turns into prosperity.

The Festival of Fire will be accompanied by traditional dances and songs, Karate Do exhibitions, and a show of Japanese Drums by the group Mukaito Taiko

Program of Activities:
2 pm: Karate Do demonstration by Nitenki Dojo
3 pm: Karate Do demonstration by the school Shohei Ryu Okikukai Argentina
4 pm: Sumo demonstration by Sebastián Videla from Asociación Argentina de Sumo
5 pm: Taiko (Japanese Drums) by Mukaito Taiko
5.30 pm: Closing of the Festival, with burning of boards and Taiko

Admission: $50 Argentine Pesos
Children under 12 and pensioners free

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