The Dakar Rally 2016 Argentina - Bolivia

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The 2016 Dakar will take place in Argentina and Bolivia from the 2nd to the 16th of January.

During the last thirty years, the race has forged itself a legendary reputation on the African territory that helped it grow and become one of the major events of the international calendar. A first choice sporting competition that mixes great champions and amateurs, the event has become extremely international throughout the years, uniting up to 52 different nationalities.

The new route stands out thanks to its creativity. The trek that will lead the 354 race
vehicles from the start in Buenos Aires to Uyuni in Bolivia and then on the return journey to Rosario will be spread over 14 days of racing, covering more than 9,000 kilometres

Schedule of events:
31st December and 1st January: “Tecnópolis”. As with the 2015 edition, administrative and technical checks will be carried out at the Tecnópolis exhibition centre to the north-west of Buenos Aires. Two days of festivities for the public and two final days of preparation for the teams. 
2nd January: Podium at Tecnopolis, Prologue and night at the “light bivouac” in Rosario
„3rd January: 1st stage of the Rally
10th January: Rest day in Salta
16th January: Finish in Rosario

For more information, route maps and news, visit Dakar 2016 Rally official website.

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