Fair of the Argentine Regions 2016

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On Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th, 2016, the Fair of the Argentine Regions will be held at El Dorrego, Zapiola 50, in the neighborhood of Colegiales, with the participation of over 100 small and producers from all over the country.
Visitors will find crafts, wines and beers, chocolate, jams, cold meats, diary, yerba mate, olives, among many other national products.
The Fair will also feature a food court offering typical dishes at accessible prices, including empanadas from different provinces, parrilla, ice cream, Andean food, as well as cooking classes to learn to prepare regional dishes.
In addition a varied selection of artists will present music and dance shows, and activities for kids.

Saturday 17
1 pm: Cooking class by Sebastián Rios, from Sabor Mapuche
2 pm: Cooking class by Maximiliano Caceres Cano, from Tucumán
3 pm: Urban Sports class
4 pm: Show by Lisette Grosso, tango from Córdoba
5 pm: Class and Show: Frank y Jenny Tango
6 pm: Show by Claudia Moreno, Cuyano music
7 pm: Show by Caporales Reyes de Buenos Aires, Andean dance
8 pm: Show by Roxana Carabajal

Sunday 18
1 pm: Cooking class by Dolli Irigoyen
3 pm: Show for Kids “Bosque”, by Mariana Cincunegui
4 pm: Show Omar Moreno Palacios, folklore
5 pm: Show WAKU folklore fussion from La Pampa
8 pm: Closing Show

Location: El Dorrego, Zapiola 50, Colegiales
Opening hours: 12 pm to 9 pm
Not suspended for rain

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