Halloween Food Week 2017

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Halloween Food Week, a gastronomic event that celebrates the best of the contemporary American cuisine, organized by Sabor USA Argentina,  the American Embassy in Argentina and the Association of Hotels, Restaurants, and Coffee shops, will be held during Halloween Week, from Saturday October 28th through Saturday November 4th, 2017.

A selected group of restaurants will offer menus at special prices representing the typical dishes of the USA. American and Argentine chefs will offer the opportunity to enjoy classics like smoked ribs, hamburguers, cheddar and bacon pizza, chicken wings, tacos, cheese cake and hot pancakes, and much more!

Participating restaurants and menus (prices in Argentine Pesos)

Deltoro Burgers - Esmeralda 928 // Bernardo de Irigoyen 366
Menu 1: Caesar Salad + Pork ribs with coleslaw + passion fruit cheesecake + Patagonia Beer, $350.
Menu 2: Buffalo chicken, Montana Burger with Cheddar, onion rings, crsipy bacon, and lettuce + Patagonia Beer, $280

Selquet - Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 6402
Seattle pork ribs with Fosters Hollywood potatoes + Cherry pie with ice-cream $ 450.-

Down Town Matias - Echeverría 3195 // Av. Pueyrredon 2501
BBQ Ribs with coleslaw & spice potatoes + Apple pie with ice cream + soda, water or Schneider Beer pint $ 470.
Manhattan Cheese and Bacon Burger (double burger, double cheddar, egg) with fried + DTM Banana Split + soda, flavored water, mineral water, or Schneider Beer pint, $360.

Franky Gourmet HotDogs - Paraguay 4978, Palermo (Distrito Arcos)
Mummy Hot dog with bbq sauce + lemonade or watermelon water  $160.-

Almacén de Pizzas - Cerviño 3732, Palermo // Vedia 3620, Saavedra // Av. Federico Lacroze 1802, Belgrano // French 2301, Recoleta // Av. Pueyrredón 2501, Buenos Aires Design, Recoleta.
Large Pizza with cheddar and bacon $285 (no drinks inlcuded)

Urban Crepe - Paraguay 4978, (Distrito Arcos) // Moreno 877
Crepe with mozzarella, roasted pumpkin, parmesan and arugula + natural fruit juice + mini Nutella/dulce crepe $180

Urban Taco - Paraguay 4978, Palermo (Distrito Arcos)
Three tacos broiled meat,cilantro, red onion, and lemon + Patagonia beer, $160.

Fresco - Julio A. Roca 761
Salad with avocado + cherries + mix of greens + cheese + egg and Caesar dressing + cheesecake, $170.

Fiera Parrilla Urbana - Av. Pedro Goyena 300 // Monroe 1599, Belgrano.
Ribs with barbecue sauce + potatoes with cheddar & bacon, $275 (no drinks).

Poe - 3 de Febrero 2772, Belgrano
Baltimore wings, potatoes with cheddar + Manhattan, $250.

Cadillac BA - Av. Congreso 1931, Belgrano.
Cadillac Burger + Pint, $200.

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