Art&Swap, the most original art show from Belgium in Argentina

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ART&SWAP is the art exhibition where works are exchanged for goods or services. A genuine invitation to dialogue for artists from Belgium and Argentina.

This original event comes from Brussels, Belgium, where it is known as Art Truc Troc. Their organizers have decided to replicate the proposal in Argentina with the name of Art&Swap, under the curatorship of Helena Heukeshoven. The event brings together renowned and emerging artists from both countries that exhibit their creations and offer them in exchange for goods or services. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors receive a small Post-it block. Those interested in a work of art leave a note with their proposal of goods or services that are willing to offer in return. At the end of the exhibition, the artist chooses the best offer to exchange for his or her work.

The exhibition will be held in a sector of Mercado de los Carruajes, an historic building located in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires, which was formerly used to house the horses that pulled the presidential carriages, converting this old presidential garage into a vibrant space of art, culture and integration. In a short time this "presidential garage" will be transformed into a gourmet market, in the style of La Boqueria in Barcelona, ​​the Borough Market of London, Chelsea Market in Manhattan or San Miguel de Madrid.

Selected artists:
From Belgium: Arnaud Kool, Brahim Rachiki, Mickaël Bursztejn - Mickey.
From Argentina: Adelaide Aronio, Arturo Aguiar, Axel Jaroslasvsky, Carla Melillo, Carlos Ricci, Catalina Hollmann, Celina Baldasarre, Christian Riffel, Daniel Juarez, David Sisso, Diego Alexandre, Emma Herbin, Emma Livingston, Ever, Ezequiel Montero Swinnen, Guido Chouela, Leticia Polaco, Lola Erhart, Luis Medici, Maria Causa, Maria Luz Seghezzo, Maria Martha Pichel, Marina Goldenberg, Masako Kano, Monk, Pastel, Patricia Miani, Romeo Emanuel Sosa, Rosario Arias Usandivaras, Sam Elgreco, Sebastian Andreatta, Sol del Rio, Victoria LLorens.


June 29, 6 PM - 10 PM
Inauguration to the public with the participation of the Belgian DJ and producer Michael Bursztejn and Buddha Beats, the duo of Argentine producers composed by Joaco Giorgiutti and Giuliano Caldarelli.
A 45-minute artistic performance will merge music, dance and painting to take the final form of a 20 sqm canvas. Dance, painting and music are three main arts, when they are mixed they give birth to a new dimension. The collective work of the three Belgian artists Arnaud Kool, Brahim Rachiki and Mickaël Burztejn will be donated in full for the benefit of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the auction "Soñarte, Sueños Pintados" that annually organizes the foundation, the work will be exhibited again in August at the Paseo de las Artes of the Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt Buenos Aires prior to its auction.

June 30, July 1. 11 AM - 7 PM
The public is invited to discover the works of the selected Argentine artists together with the works of Belgian artists and a selection of award-winning works by students of the National Superior School of Visual Arts of La Cambre in Brussels and the Faculty of Design and Communication of the University of Palermo.

Location: Mercado de los Carruajes: Av. Leandro N. Alem 852

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