Gallery Day September 2018

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Gallery, the original circuit for art lovers around art galleries, antique shops, museums and cultural centers, presents a new special edition of Gallery Day, that will take place in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Villa Crespo on Saturday, September 1st, 2018, from 3 pm to 7 pm.

The Palermo-Villa Crespo circuit covers the area surrounded by Ravignani, Ramírez de Velazco, Av. Estado de Israel, Gascón, Lavalleja and Plaza Italia, with more than 25 art spaces that will open their doors to show the latest works of their artists.

As always, there will be live music shows, and guests will be welcomed with a complimentary glass of champagne or premium beers. Maps will be provided to the public so they can visit their favorite galleries and exhibitions at their own pace.

Visitors can get information and be oriented about the different self guided routes at these art spaces:
° ADRIANA BUDICH - Gurruchaga 1145
° CASA O - Oro 2248
° TALLERES COSTA RICA - Costa Rica 4684, timbre 8

Free guided tour with specialized guides:

° Departure 3.30 pm from ADRIANA BUDICH: Gurruchaga 1145
Visit to: 7 DE AUTOR: Gurruchaga 1060, CENTRO CULTURAL TEKEYÁN: Armenia 1329, ARTE X ARTE: Lavalleja 1062, LAURA LAMBRE: Gorriti 4187, EL BLANCO: Gascón 1437, Finishes at ESPACIO FTALO with an After Gallery. Gorriti 3864 (between Salguero and Medrano)

° Departure 3.30 pm from GALERÍA UNION: Costa Rica 5929
Visit to: PALERMO. H. Honduras 5929, BMA- BOLMANI MODERN ART: Honduras 5550, MILO LOCKETT: Cabrera 5507, ATELIER AGUIRRE: Aguirre 1551 2º 4, RUTH BENZACAR: J. R. de Velasco 1287, ESPACIO ARTE PAR: Thames 808, Villa Crespo, GALERIA NORA FISCH: Av. Córdoba 5222

° Departure 4.30 pm from CASA O: Oro 2248
Visit to: TALLER C. DARTIGUELONGUE: Oro 2246, ESPACIO SOLER: Soler 5072, DAIN USINA CULTURAL: Nicaragua 4899, TALLERES COSTA RICA: Costa Rica 4684, timbre 8, EL BLANCO: Gascón 1437, Finishes at ESPACIO FTALO with an After Gallery. Gorriti 3864 (between Salguero and Medrano)

From 7.30 pm at ESPACIO FTALO. Gorriti 3864 (between Salguero and Medrano), closing of the event with a performance by Mario Astutti with DJ set live.

This event is totally free of charge.
For maps and information on participating galleries visit Gallery Day website.

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