Polo:125th Hurlingham Club Open Championship

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Hurlingham Club

The 125th Hurlingham Club Open Championship, the oldest Polo tournament in the world, will kick off this Tuesday, October 9th, 2018, with the participation of the ten best worldwide Polo teams and the world's top ranked polo players.

The Hurlingham Club Open is the second jewel of the Argentina "Triple Crown" of Polo, following the Tortugas Open Championship, and preceding the Argentine Open Championship.

The preliminary matches will be played at the Argentine Polo Association in Pilar (AAP) with free entrance. The zone definitions on October 27th and 28th, and the Final on November 3rd will be played at Hurlingham Club. Tickets for these last three dates are on sale through Ticketek.

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Participating teams:

La Dolfina: Adolfo Cambiaso Jr 10, David Stirling Jr 10, Pablo Mac Donough 10, Juan Martín Nero 10. Total: 40.
La Aguada: Alejandro Novillo Astrada 8, Alfedo Bigatti 8, Miguel Novillo Astrada 8, Ignacio Novillo Astrada 9. Total: 33.
Alegría La Irenita: Fred Mannix 9, Juan Gris Zavaleta 8, Clemente Zavaleta 7, Matías Mac Donough 8. Total: 32.
La Dolfina Polo Ranch: Diego Cavanagh 8, Guillermo Terrera 8, Alejo Taranco 8, Ignatius Du Plessis 8. Total: 32.
La Ensenada: Facundo Fernández Llorente 7, Juan Britos 7, Juan Martín Zubía 7, Jerónimo del Carril 7. Total: 28. 
Ellerstina: Pablo Pieres Jr 10, Gonzalo Pieres 10, Facundo Pieres 10, Nicolás Pieres 10. Total: 40.
Las Monjitas: Facundo Sola 9, Hilario Ulloa 10, Guiller Caset Jr 10, Julián de Lusarreta 7. Total: 36.
Cría Yatay: Lerín Zubiaurre 8, Cristian Laprida Jr 8, Joaquín Pittaluga 8, Iñaki Laprida 8. Total: 32.
La Albertina Abu Dhabi: Francisco Elizalde 8, Nicolas Roldan 7, Guillermo Toccalino 8, Alfredo Cappella 8. Total: 31. 
La Cañada: Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 8, Agustín Obregon 6, Sebastián Merlos 8, Jared Zenni 6. Total: 28.

FIXTURE (Results and updates will be published in red):

Date 1 - Tuesday, October 9 (AAP) - League A
1.30 pm: Alegria La Irenita 8 vs La Ensenada 12
4.00 pm: La Aguada 11 vs La Dolfina Polo Ranch 9

Date 2 - Wednesday, October 10 (AAP) -League B
1.30 pm: La Albertina 10 vs La Cañada 8
4.00 pm: Las Monjitas 14 vs Cria Yatay 10

Date 3 - Saturday, October 13 (AAP) - League A
1.30 pm: La Aguada 14 vs La Ensenada 12
4.00 pm: Ellerstina 20 vs La Dolfina Polo Ranch 4

Date 4 - Sunday, October 14 (AAP) - League B
1.30 pm: Las Monjitas 20 vs La Cañada 6
4.00 pm: La Dolfina 22 vs Cria Yatay 8

Date 5 - Tuesday, October 16 (AAP) - League A
1.30 pm: La Dolfina Polo Ranch vs La Ensenada
4.30 pm: Ellerstina vs Alegria La Irenita

Date 6 - Wednesday, October 17 (AAP) - League B
1.30 pm: Cria Yatay vs La Cañada
4.00 pm: La Dolfina vs La Albertina

Date 7 - Saturday, October 20 (AAP) - League A
1.30 pm: Ellerstina vs La Ensenada
4.00 pm: La Aguada vs Alegria La Irenita

Date 8 - Sunday, October 21 (AAP) - League B
1.30 pm: La Dolfina vs La Cañada
4.00 pm: Las Monjitas vs La Albertina

Date 9 - Saturday, October 27 
Alegria La Irenita vs La Dolfina Polo Ranch (AAP) - League A
La Albertina vs Cria Yatay (AAP) - League A
Ellerstina vs La Aguada (Hurlingham Club) - League B

Date 10 - Sunday, October 28 
La Dolfina vs Las Monjitas (Hurlingham Club) - League B

Final - The Ayrshire Cup - Saturday, November 3
Winner League A vs Winner League B

The schedule of matches is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Check for updates in case of rain.

Argentine Polo Association (AAP) - Pilar

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