12th Ancient Music Festival

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San Ignacio de Loyola

San Ignacio de Loyola, the oldest church in Buenos Aires, located in the historic Manzana de las Luces, presents the XII Ancient Music Festival, a program of concerts destined to raising funds for the restoration of the temple built 300 years ago by the Jesuits and declared as a National Historic Monument.

The program will consist of Ancient Music and Latin American Baroque concerts, performed by outstanding groups from Argentina and Bolivia, that will take place every Tuesday between November 6th and December 4th, 2018 at the same Parrish of San Ignacio de Loyola, located on Bolivar 225, San Telmo


Tuesday, November 6 - 8:00 pm:
Gabriel Garrido, Argentina

Tuesday, November 13 - 8:00 pm:
String Orchestra from San Jose de Chiquitos, Bolivia
Conductor: Juan Mario Moreno

Tuesday, November 20 - 8:00 pm:
Orchestra San Ignacio de Velasco y Santa Ana de Velasco. Chiquitos, Bolivia
Conductor: José Adán Uraeza Cuñachiro

Tuesday, November 27 - 8:00 pm:
Symphony Orchestra Hombres Nuevos. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Conducto: Jorge Molina

Tuesday, December 4 - 8:00 pm:
Capilla Musical San Ignacio de Loyola. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Conductor: Ezequiel Pazos

Entrance: Voluntary contribution that will be destined to the restoration of the church.

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