Art&Swap, the most original art show from Belgium in Argentina

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ART&SWAP is the art exhibition where works are exchanged for goods or services. This year's exhibition, called Ciudad Natural will be held from May 17th to May 19th, 2019 at MARQ (Museo de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires - Av. del Libertador 999 @ Callao), with a selection of artworks by Argentinian and Belgian artists, combinming art, nature and architecture.

This original event comes from Brussels, Belgium. Their organizers have decided to replicate the proposal in Argentina with the name of Art&Swap, under the curatorship of Helena Heukeshoven. The event brings together renowned and emerging artists from both countries that exhibit their creations and offer them in exchange for goods or services. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors receive a small Post-it block. Those interested in a work of art leave a note with their proposal of goods or services that are willing to offer in return. At the end of the exhibition, the artist chooses the best offer to exchange for his or her work.

Selected artists:
From Belgium:
Erika Schillebeeckx (Krjst) - Geoffroy Mottart (photo) - Justine de Moriamé (Krjst) - Michel Couturier - Nils Verkaeren.
From Argentina: Agustina Chalupowicz - Agustina Ocampo - Ana Casanova - Andrea Alkalay - Andres Agosin (MONK) - Arturo Aguiar - Belén Càrcano - Blanca Estela Vivas - Carla Melillo - Daniel Juarez - David Sisso - Emma Herbin - Facundo Quinto - Fer Pietra - Guadalupe Fernandez - Guido Chouela - Jaki charrua - Karina Glocker - Lia Porto - Maria Angela Rivero - Maria Ferrari Hardoy - Maria Martha Pichel - Masako Kano - Pablo Noce - Patricia Miani - Paula Cecchi - Raul Steingart - Rosana Schoijett - Rosario Arias Usandivaras - Santiago Azcuy - Sofia Mele - Vivian Galban.


Friday, May 17
6.00 PM - 10.00 PM: Inauguration to the public with tasting of Belgian gastronomic products and live music.
Saturday, May 18
11.00 AM - 7.00 PM: Ciudad Natural Exhibit. Belgian gastronomic food court.
5.30 PM: Cello, guitar and Sax Trio at the Marq (registration online).
Sunday, May 19
11 AM - 7.00 PM: Ciudad Natural Exhibit. Belgian gastronomic food court.
2.00 PM: Performance by Ikebana accompanied by a cello solo by maestro Nestor Tedesco (registration online).

Interventions in the City:
ART&SWAP will also be present at five parks in the City, with interventions by Geoffroy Mottart on six monuments by Belgian sculptors.

Thursday, May 16
10:00 AM: Plaza del Congreso (Av. Entre Rios y Av. Rivadavia). First intervention by Geoffroy Mottart on the Monumento de los dos Congresos (Belgian sculpture Jules Laglae, 1914)
Friday, May 17
10:00 AM: CCK (Viamonte y Leandro N. Alem) Intervention on the monument to Samuel Morse (Belgian sculptor Louis Bruninx, 1915)
11:00 AM: Fine Arts Museum (Av. del Libertador y Av. Pueyrredon). Intervention on the sculptures Reaper and Sower (Belgian sculpture Constantin Meunier, 1896)
Saturday, May 18
10:00 AM: Plaza Bélgica (Ramón Castilla y Alejandro M de Aguado, Palermo). Intervention on the sculpture "Huiselijke zorgen" (Belgian sculptor Rik Wouters, 1913)
11:00 AM: National Library (Aguero 2502). Intervention on the bust of Jose Marmol (Belgian sculptor Louis Bruninx, 1939).

All the events with FREE ENTRANCE to the public.

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