The Record Store Night 2019

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The record stores of Buenos Aires will remain open during the night of Thursday, November 7th, 2019, for the 11th edition of The Record Store Night (La Noche de las Disquerías) an event similar to the "Record Store Day" celebrated in different cities around the world.

During the night there will be free live music shows and important discounts at the participating music stores across the city:


Zivals – Av. Callao 395
Live shows:
6:00 pm: Lonardo Pastore. Tribute to Carlos Gardel
7:00 pm: Yamila Cafrune
8.00 pm: Bahiano presenting his latest record "Original Roots"
9.00 pm: Roque Narvaja
* 20% discount on CDs and DVDs.

Blade Cazador de Vinilos - Av. Independencia 657
Live Show and DJ sets from 6:00 pm
* 25% discount on all vinyls and 50% discount on all cassettes and CDs.

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: El agujerito (Maipú 971, Galería del Este,  Local 10); CDisquería (Av. Corrientes 1274); Magimúsica (Av. Corrientes 1644); La cueva musical (Esmeralda 494), Oíd Mortales (Av. Corrientes 1145 – Local 17); El Ateneo (Florida 340); El Cerebro Musical (Maipú 971, Galería del Este,  Local 16).


Notorious – Av. Callao 966.
Live show:
9:00 pm:  Silvina Moreno
*Important discounts

Galería Bond Street – Av. Santa Fe 1670
The Anthology – Shop 7: Record signing and 20% discount
Thor – Shop 51: Special discounts

Other music stores offering discounts and promotions: El Ateneo Grand Splendid (Av. Santa Fe 1860) - Backstage (Av. Pueyrredón 1537)


RGS Music - Av. Corrientes 5233 Shop 2
6:00 pm: Los Libres (Acoustic Set)
7:00 pm: Diego Frenkel
8:00 pm: Willy Crook 
10.30 pm: Ariel Prat
Vinyl set by Chris Pimiento
 *20% discount and special promotions

Piccolo y Saxo - Av. Santa Fe 3591
Special Music Therapy activity

Smile Discos - Honduras 4969
Live Show:
8:00 pm: Pablo Marconi (Bandoneon)
* Important discounts

Vinyls are Cool - Bonpland 1939
9:00 pm to 10:00 pm: DJ Sets
*Important discounts

Primal Scream - Soria 5008
Surprise shows, Special discounts and promotions

Mercurio. Av Santa Fe 2729. First floor shop 42
Surprise artists and special discounts

Velazco Disqueria y Bar - Juan Ramirez de Velazco 492
From 6:00 pm live shows, discounts and promotions.

Just 7" Vinyl - Malabia 763
DJ Sets. 20% and 30% discounts on vinyls and CDs.

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