A ray of hope: the lapacho trees have bloomed

5:58 PM Sandra Gutrejde 2 Comments

With one of the longest and most restrictive Covid-19 lockdowns in the world, people in Argentina, and specially those in Buenos Aires and other major cities, have been forced to stay inside closed doors for more than 6 months now. 

Of course I also tried to stay at home as much as possible and have only left home for essential necessities. For this reason I thought that I wouldn't have the chance to see my dear Lapacho tree announcing Spring for the first time in many years. But for some unexpected circumstances I happened to be just a couple of blocks away yesterday, so I took the chance to take a glance and take some photos of this wonderful tree, which was just starting to bloom.

The quality of the photos is not very good but I wanted to share this sign of hope and the joy of Spring with all of you.

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  1. Hi Sandy, Thank you for this. I tried to look up the English word for lapacho but there was no translation. Is it safe to assume that lapacho is just lapacho?

    1. Hi Geoffrey! I found it translated as "Pink trumpet tree", but normally it's called just lapacho or pink lapacho.