Carnaval Porteño - Buenos Aires Carnival 2019

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The “Carnaval Porteño 2019” (Buenos Aires Carnival 2019) will take place at different neighborhoods every weekend from Saturday, February 2nd until Sunday, March 3rd, and on Carnaval Holidays, Monday, March 4th and Tuesday, March 5th, with the participation of more than 100 "murgas" (carnival bands) and over one thousand drums and percussion instruments.

Murgas and carnival are the artistic expressions of the marginal neighborhoods, their songs and urban folk customs. The lyrics of these songs are called "criticas", and combine the social denunciation with humor and dancing. What identifies the "murga porteña" from others are their costumes (frock coat, gloves, top hat, and stick), the drums with cymbals, and the various traditional rhythms used to differentiate every neighborhood.

The parades will be held on different streets, parks and cultural centers / clubs, all with free entrance to the public. Some of the locations around the city where to watch the parades are:

Street parades:
Almagro: Av. Corrientes between Bulnes and Medrano
Balvanera: Av. Independencia between Pichincha and Sarandi
Boedo Av. Boedo between San Juan and Independencia
Boedo Av. Belgrano between Colombres and Maza
La Boca: Av Pérez Galdós between Av. Pedro de Mendoza and Gaboto
Palermo: Darwin between Cabrera and Gorriti
Saavedra: Av. Garcia del Rio between Conde and Zapiola
Villa Crespo: Av Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz between Av. Corrientes and Padilla

Parks and clubs:
Palermo: Plaza Latinoamericana - Acuña De Figueroa & Costa Rica
Villa Devoto: Plaza Ricchieri - Av. Francisco Beiro between Quevedo and Desaguadero
Colegiales: Polideportivo Colegiales - Freire & Concepción Arenal
San Telmo: Anfiteatro Parque Lezama - Brasil between Defensa and Paseo Colón
Parque Avellaneda: Alvear Club - Rodó & Fernández

Dates and times:
Saturdays: 7 PM to 2 AM
Sundays: 7 PM to 12 AM
Monday, March 4: 7 PM to 2 AM
Tuesday, March 5: 7 PM to 12 AM

All the events are free of charge, and may be canceled in case of rain.

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